Hydration Bundle

Skin hydration and plumping

$278.00 $327.00

ANIA's bundle for rejuvenating dry and dehydrated skin is also a perfect reset if you happen to have sudden temperature changes to a colder climate. 

It is a luxurious 3-piece suite to bestow your skin with immediate and ongoing moisture. This trio utilises potent botanicals with cutting-edge green technology, working in concert to plump and hydrate, relieving tightness and leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Full size:

- Flower Gossamer Essence - Hyaluronic Hydration Mist
- Flower Gossamer Serum
- Soothing Cream Mask

How to Use/ The Ritual

Apply Soothing Cream Mask twice a week for a boost of hydration and calm. Spritz Flower Gossamer Essence liberally before and after Flower Gossamer Serum and whatever elixir or moisturiser you choose.

Breathe in each layer for its aromatic and sensory journey. Bring the spa into your home and savour these moments of quiet calm for inner radiance.

The Result
Soft, dewy soft skin and a feeling of calm.


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