Fall back into your most beautiful self:
Return the place within that is quieter than the day, and your unique inner treasures await exploration.

ANIA is skin care that transcends cosmetic corrections:
A deeply holistic approach to engage imbalances within, especially stress, and calm and nurture your whole being.

Naturally, ambitiously luxurious and abundant in sensory riches:
Inspiring a greater connection between yourself and your skin, its messages, and your overall wellbeing.

Our approach to skin care is holistic.

holistic beauty for exquisite self care

Skin care that speaks to all of you through texture, touch, aromatic botanicals and energies.

We know the skin is inextricably intertwined with thoughts, energies and emotions. How we feel directly impacts our radiance.

Unique and effective formulations

We’ve searched the world for beautiful botanicals, focusing on master crafted distillations and wild crafted extracts – the kind with the most intricate energetic profiles, otherworldly aromatics and, of course, purity.  We believe these delicate specimens are the finest available. 

We also searched for the very best (green) performance ingredients, that are natural and vegan friendly for a level of performance usually not associated with natural. 

Our processes are slow, and considered - deliberately designed to maximise the synergies of every complex, without losing the gifts within pure, fresh botanicals - so every drop that touches you has full potency. 

Our Founder

Suzannah: a life long lover of skin care and skin rituals.

Used to using 'all the things' without issue, in her late 20’s, she found stress having a big impact on all aspects of life - sleep, mood and in particular, skin.  Skin became highly sensitised and none of the sensitive products were helping. At around the same time, her father was diagnosed with cancer and needed something to support (him and) his skin through intensive radiation.

Having always studied skin health, and various health sciences for interest, Suzannah channelled her research skills into studying cosmetic formulation, aromatic medicine, various health sciences and holistic therapies. 

Finding remedies for both ideal skin health, feeling better and less stress were essential. After years (and a Dad that maintained happy skin through treatment), ANIA was borne.

Luxuriously natural beauty remedies, incredibly effective whilst nurturing moments of stillness, less stress, and more vibrancy. 

ANIA creates elevated spa and spa-at-home experiences where the inspiration was, and remains to pursue a new kind of beauty.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The first time I put on an ANIA elixir on my face, my skin literally took a breath, a deep breath in... and my cells soaked it in. The longer I use ANIA, the deeper my breath becomes and it becomes easier to access a Grace and ease in other aspects of my life.
— Angelica



We are mindful of our footprint on this earth, and always seek to tread lightly. Our packaging is made of glass and FSC paper board, both of which are 100% recyclable.


Our products are vegan friendly and no animal testing occurs on our products or ingredients. Nor do we permit the sale of our products in regions that require animal testing.

Multi-faceted designs

Every ANIA product is designed to perform as more than one product on the skin, whilst harmonising you holistically - emotions, energies and skin biology.
Simpler, deep reaching rituals.


We always seek premium quality of product, as well as fair treatment for all involved. This often means we pay a (price) premium. We believe in community and so, where we can support artisans and co-ops that are in turn supporting their community, we do.

We make everything in our own laboratory, with our own people. It takes time, space and deep respect to create our slow beauty remedies. Operating this way means we know that every drop that touches your skin has been carefully nurtured to maintain, an enhance, the beautiful botanical energies and nutrients.


We have taken many, many years to source the botanicals we use across the ANIA range. We know that certain plant species are best grown in certain places (the agricultural concept of 'terroir'). Which is why we source all over the world to find master artisans and smaller operations - where they embrace the art of distillation - a meticulous alchemy of creating the very best. There are a great many challenges sourcing globally, especially when working with premium botanicals that are commonly adulterated.

This is why sometimes we only do a limited edition, or may be out of stock of a product for a time.


We plant two trees for every order. Additionally, we gift a portion of profits to support more of the world we would like to see and less of that we don't. The review of initiatives occurs frequently.

We currently support initiatives for animal welfare, reforestation, clean water and food security.

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"I started with skin that was significantly dehydrated, with patches of rosacea inflammation and breakouts. I had become disillusioned with skin care choices (or lack thereof) in the market, uninspiring advice from a dermatologist, and was feeling frozen about it all to be completely honest. The one thing I knew was that I wanted to feel something 'alive' again. Through working with ANIA my skin has returned to a state that I feel good looking at myself in the mirror and comfortable without makeup when I leave the house. I hadn't ever imagined being able to say that!"

Holistic Self Care. Mindful Beauty.
Whole Being Radiance.