Your Ritual for:


AM & PM Ritual

Apply 3 pumps of Delicate Cleansing Oil to dry skin. Massage in small circles focusing on areas that need attention or feel tight.

Immerse a compress cloth in warm (not hot) water, wring out tightly before holding on your face for a slow count of 5. Rinse and repeat. Avoid cleansing in the shower.

Spritz Flower Gossamer Essence generously and press into the skin with fingertips.

Apply 3-5 drops of Flower Gossamer Serum to your face, neck and décolletage. Taking a moment to press into the skin.

Take 4 drops of Geisha Radiance Elixir. Warm between the fingers before gently pressing into the face and neck.

Pressing allows for a gentle lymphatic massage as well as helping you use only what you need, no more.

Mist again with Flower Gossamer Essence any time through the day.

Twice Weekly

Cleanse, compress and mist with Flower Gossamer Essence as outlined in your AM/PM regime.

Take 3 pumps of Enzyme Exfoliant and massage into the face and neck for 3 minutes. Leave on for a further 10 minutes (longer if possible) before compressing off with a warm face washer.

Mist with Flower Gossamer Essence

Apply Flower Gossamer Serum, pressing into the face, neck and décolletage. Warm 3-4 drops of Geisha Radiance in the fingers and press into the face and neck.

Finish with a misting of Flower Gossamer Essence.


After every bath or shower, pour a coin sized amount of Aromatology Body Oil into your hands. massage together before sweeping over soaking wet skin in firm, upward motions starting at the toes.

Massage into any areas feeling tight, or parched, allowing the aromas to linger as the vitamins and nutrients absorb.

NB: We've kept the Ritual Bundles to the required face & décolletage products, add your preferred Aromatology body oil separately.