Every ANIA product is designed to perform more than one function and, so, allow you to minimise your routine without compromising benefits.
Our multi-faceted designs are for you as a whole - emotions, energies as well as skin biology.

Premium Quality and Purity

We have taken many, many years to source the premium botanicals we use across the ANIA range. We know that - certain species are best grown in certain places, which is why we source all over the world to find master artisans and smaller operations - where they embrace the art of distillation - a meticulous alchemy of creating the very best. This is why sometimes we only do a limited edition, or may be out of stock of a product for a time.

low impact packaging

We are mindful of our footprint on this earth. We package our products in 100% recyclable glass and FSC certified board -

Giving Back

We plant two trees for every order. Additionally, we gift a portion of profits to support the world we would like to see. This includes animal welfare, human welfare, clean water and food security initiatives.


Our products are vegan friendly and no animal testing occurs on our products or ingredients. Nor do we permit the sale of our products in regions that require animal testing.

Consciously Sources

There are a great many challenges sourcing globally, especially when working with premium botanicals that are commonly adulterated.
We always seek purity and quality of product, as well as fair treatment for all involved. This often means we pay a (price) premium. We also seek to support artisans and co-ops that are, in turn, supporting their community.