We know the skin is inextricably intertwined with thoughts, energies and emotions. Our skin reflects both inner and outer influences.

Every ANIA Rejuvenation Treatment is tailored to you, holistically. For inner calm and whole being radiance.

Texture, aroma, botanical energies, and touch for inner and outer calm with nutrient-dense performance formulas from the ANIA spa line for pure skin radiance. 

Beautiful, holistic, meditative

ANIA Rejuvenation Treatments are a journey for the senses - taking you somewhere deep within and away from the busyness of life. A state that nurtures, heals and harmonises.

Our methods draw on the body's ability to heal itself. Each treatment is an immersion into stillness, a healing temple of your own. Be generous with yourself and rest here a while.

Treatments are individually tailored using techniques including facial sculpting, European massage, marma point activation, acupressure, yoga, breathwork, aromatherapy and reflexology.


ANIA Facial Rejuvenation | 120/ Min. $290 | 90 Min. $240
A generous journey of healing hands, texture, and aroma.
Fall into that place beyond time, where you are simply you and the world is a beautiful journey of the senses. Relax as you experience some of the finest flower oils, botanicals, marine extracts and intensive skin remedies from ANIA’s full spa collection. Tension is released as your face & décolleté have healing hands massage and activate specialised touch points to refresh and rejuvenate inside and out.
A beautiful experience – of relaxation, rejuvenation and true skin health to leave the complexion radiant and the mind calm.

Rose Gossamer Restorative Facial | 90 Min. $240
The queen of flowers, a soothing and healing experience
Rest in the petals of the rose, come quietly to soothe, rejuvenate, and heal. This facial treatment draws on the deeply soothing powers of the queen of flowers – nurturing, soothing and relaxing for invoking the self-healing abilities of our natural system. Perfect for sensitive skin, and those in need of nurture.
A gently and calming treatment to coax you back to your
centre – the place where you are whole and nurtured – with a complexion that is plump, calm and soft.

Holistic Facials

Aromatic Journeys Radiance Facial | 60 Min. $180
Be, feel, love.
A truly wholistic treatment, where the functional becomes ritual, and the mundane sacred. An experience of Wellbeing Through Beauty enjoying a layered facial experience to both harmonise and enhance the skin, whilst deeply nurturing the deeper part of you. Emerge with a deep sense of peace, and plump radiant skin.

Express Smoothing Radiance Facial | 30 Min. $120
Fresh, radiant, clear.
A youthful reset, smoothing and gently refreshing the complexion. Enzymes of pumpkin and pomegranate encourage a fresh complexion, with gentle lymphatic massage to smooth fine lines. Relax with a soothing mask as you reset. Reveal fresh, smooth skin and a sense of radiance.

Whole Body and Mind Rituals

Centre Point Ritual | 120 Min. $290
Deeply relax and return to yourself
An all-encompassing journey using healing touch, botanical inhalations, breathwork and massage. A journey deep within to find that space that is quintessentially you, where all your gifts live and breathe, and you exist at your essence – a calm... serene... happy.
Incorporating a grounding foot cleanse and calming body wrap, a foot and head massage with inhalations of some of the world's most beautiful natural aromas.
This is a space where you are nurtured, where you continually expand into your own beauty. A rich journey tailored to you.

Australian Natives Sanctuary Ritual | 60 Min. $175
Restored, feel 'at home' within
Invite rest with an aromatic journey drawing on the beauty of Australian natives and clays to ground and harmonise your internal world. Begin with a grounding foot cleanse, foot massage and mask to ground and centre, followed by points of neuro-lymphatic release and a reflexology point face and head massage, supported with aromatic inhalations.
A curated journey for deep restoration.

Adrenal Fatigue Rejuvenation | 60 Min. $180

For those who have been under ongoing or acute stress, or simply feel they have been burning the candle at both ends. Potent aromatic medicine blends work on energetic pathways, adrenal triggers, and the nervous system in general to recuperate, relax and restore harmony. This treatment is deeply relaxing, incorporating aromatic foot and shoulder massages, trigger points and head massage. It is recommended that no strenuous activities are planned later in the day for maximum prolonged benefit.

ANIA Radiance & Rejuvenation Room
is at Red Earth Healing, 43 Macquarie St Dubbo NSW.

To book, please phone 02 8376 2531.

Products purchased at the time of treatment receive 15% off.
Changes or cancellations require 48 hours notice, otherwise a 50% fee will be charged. Alternatively, a friend/family member can take the appointment.

Holistic Self Care. Mindful Beauty.
Whole Being Radiance.