We know the skin is inextricably intertwined with thoughts, energies and emotions, and stress is particularly damaging.

Our approach to skin care is holistic.

Texture, aroma, botanical energies, and touch for inner and outer calm and harmony couched in nutrient-dense performance formulas for pure skin radiance. 

Unique and effective formulations

We’ve searched the world over for many years to find the
beautiful botanicals you encounter in ANIA, focusing on master crafted distillations and wild crafted extracts – the kind with the most intricate energetic profiles, otherworldly aromatics and, of course, purity.  These delicate specimens are the finest we can find. 

We also searched for the very best (green) performance ingredients, that are natural and vegan friendly for a level of performance usually not associated with ‘natural’. 

Our processes are slow, and considered - deliberately designed to maximise the synergies of every complex, without losing the potency of our botanicals - so every drop that touches you has full potency.  This is why we do everything in own laboratory with our own people.

Our founder

ANIA's founder, Suzannah, created ANIA as a wholly encompassing skin care and spa line.   

Remedies that feel beautiful when you use them, with textures and aromas that layer the experience into special moments of you returning to yourself.

Beauty remedies designed to redress imbalances, create space, de-stress, and nurture inside out radiance.

Whilst always having had a great love for skin care, aromatology and wellness, the power of natural remedies became even more evident when supporting her father during cancer treatment (with skin remedies and nutrition). He was able to undertake intense radiation treatment (a side effect of which is often very damaged and traumatised skin) with his skin remaining comfortable and intact - he even commented on how applying felt soothing to both him and his skin.  

Suzannah has studied botanical and aromatic medicine, nutrition and cosmetic science whilst also obsessively searching the globe for the finest botanical extracts. It was a lot of discarded samples and 3 years of R&D consulting some of the world's best scientists before ANIA launched in 2008.

Prior to founding ANIA, Suzannah was an executive at a structured finance fund. An entrepreneurial group that specialised in maximising benefits for all by using multiple approaches. A trait that has carried over into ANIA - a multi-faceted approach that requires no compromise.